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Go4Bike Cycling Heatmap
Posted on Monday January 02, 2017

This heatmap shows the cycling activity throughout the year based on Go4Bike reservation requests. It shows a peak in the summer in Europe, while countries near the equator like Colombia, Ecuador and  Caribean show less variation during the year. In...

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Bike hire on the Costa Blanca Alicante
Posted on Wednesday December 07, 2016

Do you want to rent a bike on the Costa Blanca? At local bike rental shops in province of Alicante you can hire professional road or mountain bikes. The Alicante coast is called the Costa Blanca. This coast is known...

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Bike hire Toscana
Posted on Thursday December 01, 2016

Tuscany (Toscana) is an ideal territory for cycling. Bike rentals in the Toscana region can help you to get a suitable bike to explore the magical atmosphere and the extraordinary wealth of art and history. Toscana is a region dominated...

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